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    We have a deep understanding of the project stages required to make renewable power projects successful and recruit talent for roles in the following areas:


    We work closely with clients throughout this first stage process to hire the full range of candidates required to take projects from greenfield to financial close. We understand the stages and requirements that go into developing renewable power projects whether it’s creating single line diagrams to structuring tax equity deals in the US markets. We immerse ourselves into our clients’ and candidates’ business so that we can truly understand their needs and aspirations in order to deliver the best candidates for our clients’ requirements.


    For Project Finance roles we focus on the recruitment of Project Finance Managers and M&A Managers. The Project Finance candidates will have worked on financing such as construction loans, back leverage and tax equity. The M&A candidates will have experience in the acquisition of development rights, projects in construction and operational assets. We work with in-house teams, banks and funds focusing on the financing of renewable power projects.


    Our business understands the importance of delivering projects on time, within budget and to specification. We source talent for the key roles required to take a project from NTP shovel ready through to operation. Typical hires include Construction Managers, Project Managers, Project Directors and Project Engineers. Our clients include in-house EPC oversight functions as well as EPCs and consultancies.

    Asset Management

    We hire candidates that can manage the finance, legal, compliance, regulation, performance optimization, and operation & maintenance of renewable power assets. We understand the unique challenges and skill sets required in effectively managing and optimizing renewable energy assets. Our clients range from 3rd party providers to in-house asset management functions.


    We hire candidates across many technologies. While the majority operate in Solar, Wind and Battery Storage, we have built teams across Hydro, Power-to-X and Energy from Waste.

    Onshore Wind
    Offshore Wind
    Distributed Solar
    Energy from Waste
    Vehicles Charging



    Our clients and candidates work on projects ranging in size from 1MW to 1GW across the major US and European power markets. We work with a variety of companies with the mission to accelerate the renewable energy transition.


    Independent Power Producers (IPPs) operate independently of traditional utility companies and typically focus on developing, owning, and operating renewable energy projects. IPPs collaborate with governments, utilities, financial institutions, technology providers, and local communities to provide clean energy solutions.


    Developers actively identify opportunities for renewable energy projects and lead the development process from inception to completion. We source exceptional Land Originators, Project Developers, Interconnection Managers, Environmental Permitting Managers, PPA Originators, etc. who all contribute to the successful completion of these development projects.


    Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies provide comprehensive services for the development, construction, and deployment of renewable energy projects and energy infrastructure. We have experience hiring technical talent across EPCs for oversight and on site roles.


    Utilities are central players in the energy transition, as they are responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity to consumers.They play a critical role by investing in renewable energy, modernizing infrastructure, promoting energy efficiency, and engaging with customers and stakeholders to create a more sustainable and resilient energy system.


    Investment funds are paramount in mobilizing capital, driving innovation, and catalyzing the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon energy future.These funds provide long-term capital for the development and operation of energy infrastructure assets, enabling the transition to a more resilient, sustainable, and decentralized energy system.


    Consultancies provide specialized expertise, strategic advice, technical assistance, and project management support across policy and regulatory, market analysis, project development, technology deployment, grid integration, energy efficiency, and sustainability reporting.

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    Tom Hunt
    Tom Hunt

    Managing Director

    EV Charging

    We specialize in finding top-tier talent for the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Industry. As the automotive world shifts gears towards sustainability, we’re here to ensure the right leaders steer the charge in the dynamic sector of EV charging infrastructure.

    Key Focus Areas

    Charging Networks

    Collaborate with leaders at the forefront of charging network operations, setting standards for a seamless and efficient charging experience, in both existing markets and new territories.

    Technological Innovators

    Connect with tech visionaries driving cutting-edge solutions in charging infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the electric vehicle market.

    Digital Evolution

    Navigate the digital landscape with leaders contributing to software innovations, ensuring efficient EV charging networks and user-friendly experiences.

    Automaker Collaborations

    Facilitate partnerships with executives at the intersection of automotive and charging tech, integrating EV charging seamlessly into the automotive landscape.

    Startups & Visionaries

    Fuel growth by connecting with dynamic startups pioneering wireless charging, smart algorithms, and hardware innovations, contributing to the evolution of the EV charging ecosystem.

    Sustainable Energy Transition

    Drive sustainable energy solutions with executives shaping the future of green charging, aligning EV charging infrastructure with global efforts toward renewable energy.

    Strategic Consulting

    Navigate the industry landscape with executives offering strategic consulting services, ensuring organizations are well-equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities within the EV charging sector.



    The mobility industry is in the midst of a global transformation, with electric mobility taking center stage. We work with market leading firms within the EV Charging space, these include:

    Charging Network Operators

    Companies leading the deployment and management of charging stations, ensuring accessibility and efficiency in charging services.

    Charging Infrastructure Providers

    Entities specializing in developing and advancing the physical infrastructure necessary for EV charging, from hardware to grid integration.

    Software & Platform Providers

    Organizations focused on creating software solutions and platforms optimizing the functionality and user experience of EV charging networks.

    Automakers & Collaborators

    Automakers and associated companies working together to seamlessly integrate charging technologies into electric vehicles.

    Utilities & Energy Companies

    Energy-focused companies playing a crucial role in the transition to sustainable energy, aligning EV charging infrastructure with renewable energy sources.

    Strategic Consulting & Service Providers

    Consulting firms offering strategic guidance and services, aiding organizations in navigating the complex landscape of the EV charging industry.

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    Hannah James
    Hannah James

    Head of EV