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    Search &


    We are one of the leading renewable energy search firms in the US and Europe. Our exclusive focus on this developing market has made us the best at sourcing talent in the renewables sector.


    By understanding the specific requirements of various roles within the renewables sector we are able to select candidates who possess the right skill set, relevant experience, and are the right cultural fit for our clients.


    We work to provide top tier candidates for our clients within agreed deadlines. A variety of talent from diverse backgrounds provides clients with a taste of the market.

    Market Mapping

    We are able to deliver extensive market research in order to map the market. Gaining comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape helps to attract top talent, and gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving and growing market.

    Candidate Management

    Building strong candidate relationships supports candidates through screening, interviews and feedback. Navigating the interview process together leads to a smooth recruitment process ending with satisfied candidates and clients.

    Offer Management

    We are able to navigate and lead the offer stage to ensure the best offers are achieved for both candidates and clients. Ensuring realistic expectations are set from the beginning of the process supports smooth offer management and high acceptance rates.

    Strategy &


    In addition to search and selection we offer further strategic and advisory services which include:

    Corporate Structure

    We are able to advise on optimal corporate structure for clients aiming to build out new teams and functions.

    Salary Bandings

    We provide salary surveys and bandings to accurately advise on market rates for skilled candidates and what packages will make offers competitive and retain staff.

    Emerging Markets & Industries

    Whether you are opening an office in a new market or expanding into new technologies we are able to direct you through the team build out and provide industry insights.

    Market Intelligence

    Through our extensive knowledge of the market we can provide market led research on developing trends, opportunities for growth in the market and future challenges to be aware of.



    Our service connects renewable power developers, enabling them to collaborate and engage in co-development agreements.

    We understand the significance of collective efforts in the renewable energy sector and provide a secure platform for developers to find compatible partners, share resources, and combine their expertise. By leveraging each other’s strengths, developers can accelerate the development of renewable power projects, minimize costs, and maximize their impact.

    We facilitate discussions and negotiations between developers, helping them define project objectives, roles, responsibilities, and risk-sharing arrangements. Our team provides guidance and support throughout the co-development process, from initial discussions to the signing of agreements and project execution.



    Our company offers a comprehensive renewable project acquisition brokerage service.

    Leveraging our extensive network and market knowledge, we specialize in facilitating the acquisition or sale of renewable energy projects, acting as trusted intermediaries to bring together developers, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies, investors, and stakeholders.

    At the core of our service is a deep understanding of the renewable energy market landscape and industry dynamics. We stay on top of market trends, regulatory changes, and emerging opportunities to provide our clients with strategic insights and actionable intelligence. Whether you are looking to acquire a renewable energy project to expand your portfolio or divest assets to optimize your investment strategy, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

    Our role as intermediaries involves facilitating connections and negotiations between parties, streamlining the acquisition process, and ensuring smooth transactions from start to finish. We identify potential acquisition targets or buyers based on your criteria and preferences, conduct due diligence assessments, and assist with deal structuring, valuation, and documentation.


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