About Us

Why Odin Global?

We are deeply passionate about the global energy transition and the creation of a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. We share the vision of a clean energy future.

With our expertise and unwavering dedication to the renewable market, we possess the knowledge and resources to source, attract, and place the best talent in the industry. We take pride in going above and beyond to identify exceptional individuals, conducting a thorough and comprehensive search, ensuring that our clients have access to the widest possible pool of candidates in the market.

Furthermore, we understand the significance of finding candidates who align with our clients' mission, culture, and strategic goals. By forging strong relationships and gaining a real understanding of our clients' organizations, we can effectively match candidates who not only possess the necessary skills and experience but also resonate with the shared values of our clients.

In summary, our executive search services combine our deep knowledge of the renewable market, our ability to attract top talent, and our shared commitment to the energy transition. By partnering with us, our clients gain a strategic advantage in securing exceptional candidates who will drive success in this ever-evolving industry. Together, we are shaping a sustainable future powered by renewable energy.

Values and Vision

At our core, we prioritize delivering candidates with honesty and transparency, treating both our candidates and clients with the utmost respect. We understand the significance of maintaining confidentiality throughout the recruitment process, recognizing the sensitive nature of executive searches.

Integrity is a fundamental value that guides our actions and decision-making. We conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards, adhering to professional codes of conduct and industry best practices. Our dedication to integrity permeates every aspect of our work, from the initial candidate screening to final placements, ensuring fairness and credibility throughout the process.

We take great pride in the work we do and find immense satisfaction in helping shape a cleaner environment. Contributing to the renewable power industry's growth and progress aligns with our passion for sustainability and a greener future. By connecting exceptional talent with our clients, we play an active role in advancing renewable energy initiatives and supporting the transition to cleaner technologies.

Our approach is grounded in honesty, transparency, confidentiality, integrity, and a genuine passion for creating positive change. By holding ourselves to high standards, we fulfill our mission of connecting exceptional talent with forward-thinking organizations in the renewable power sector.

Meet The Team

Tom Hunt

Managing Director
US - +1 323 989 9926
UK - +44 7714 934 785 LinkedIn

Harry Dutton

Senior Consultant
US - +1 323 989 9923
UK - +44 7718 478 800 LinkedIn

Peter Evans

Managing Consultant
US - +1 323 843 0053
UK - +44 7450 865 836 LinkedIn

Tamara Groj

Senior Consultant
US - +1 332-699-2646
UK - +44 7947 729 020 LinkedIn

Hannah James

Head of EV
UK - +44 7470 476 736 LinkedIn